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A Crossley in-law journey from Wales to America! See Great great Uncle Wilson & Aunty Fanny (Josephs) Crossley in the Crossley Family History page. (Dec 2012)

Great great Grandmother Susan de Marchye - a surprising find! See the Kelland Family History page.

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Letters Words & Lines - some short stories and poetry

Musings while in London 2007-2011

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August 2012: A little beyond the Street family-link boundary to a single mum in the 1840's, a 19 year olds fatal accident, and a young wife dies leaving a babe in arms. The Hitchcock connection under the Street Family History page.

June 2011:  Marriage, Birth & Death between the Census. Catherine Mary and her son John Joshua cannot be found as wife, mother or son on the census records. Read the story under the Street Family History!

June 2011: William Holesgrove's Will gives clarification on the family, and gives a bit of insight into his interests. See his story on the Holesgrove Family History page! 

April 2011 - New poems from Grandad Walter Ash: A Beautiful Princess (just in time for Royal Wedding weekend!); Verses on the Death of my Niece; and On the Sinking of the Titanic.

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This is an informal history of both the Kelland and Street families. The Kelland family in South Africa seem to have originated from one immigrant in the late 1880's, and the Street family from the Derbyshire area, immigrated to South Africa in the late 1960's. Stories and photos make up the history of our past!

It isn't complete, and will continue to be added to as new information, especially of the family history, comes to light.

Both the Kelland and the Street families have ancestors who came from the North West Lancashire county of England, viz the Crossleys on the Kelland side and the Ashforth's on the Street side, and both families had something to do with the cotton industry.


Maybe you'll enjoy some of the family writings. Grandfathers Ash & Hawley wrote some poems, Dad Street wrote some books, Mum Street has written some poems and even I've written some poems and short stories, and my daughter studied Creative Writing and has written a whole host of stuff!

Pictures & People


William Robert Kelland, born 1860, with his wife Mary Amelia, and his children from back left to right: Freda Amelia (1892); William Samuel (1884); George Henry Charles (1886); Front next to Amelia: Robert William (1897) and Melinda Louise (1889). William Robert was a Trinity Pilot at the Dartmouth harbour. (1st cousin 3x removed!)

Pictures & People

Philip Edmond Francis Kelland 1917-1980. His boys learned to play golf from when they were very young. This is one of the very few pics we have of him - doing his favourite thing at Clovelly Country Club Golf Course, Western Cape, South Africa.

Pictures & People

Albert Douglas Street (known as Doug) 1920-2002 I really love this pic of my Dad taken somewhere around the 1960's! He's got such a mischievous smile!



Pictures & People

Walter Ash  1889-1973. My Grandad Ash was a shoemaker in Matlock, Derbyshire and he was also an artist in oils.